Facebook Integration Fuels Growth for Genealogy Research/Social Networking Membership Site

Discover how piggybacked on Facebook's popularity to create a social networking site for families that includes a premium genealogy research database. Insider spoke with CEO Paul Allen, an online subscriptions pioneer who previously founded, to learn how the site attracts a flood of referrals from Facebook, and how it uses email updates to generate leads for its paid memberships.

3D Avatar Chat Game Gets Users Engaged, Generates $40 Million Revenue Run Rate

Founded in 2004, it's taken less than 6 years for IMVU, a 3D avatar chat game and virtual world, to become profitable with a $40 million annual revenue run rate (i.e. estimated annual revenue). The 90-employee company gets a large chunk of that revenue by selling virtual currency to 50 million registered users, including subscribers and non-subscribers. This case study outlines how they do it.

A/B Testing Case Studies of Subscription & Membership Sites

See creative samples and results data from seven A/B tests conducted by subscription and membership Web sites including a B2B publisher, a virtual world, an investment advisory newsletter, a personal nutrition site, and an online club for military vets.

The average test increased response rates by 25%. You'll see what worked, and what did not. Also includes basic testing guidelines and names of low-cost testing tools.