Email Marketing for Subscriptions: Benchmarks and Best Practices

Did you know email marketing is the #1 acquisition tactic for subscription and membership sites? Is your subscription business using the latest email marketing tactics and achieving best-of-breed results compared to your peers? Learn from Minal Bopaiah in this 25-minute on-demand webinar as she walks through lessons learned from our Email Marketing Benchmark Report for Subscription Sites. Minal will explain why email is still a digital publication's best friend and how to optimize campaigns and lists for maximum effect.

7 Possible Disruptors to Your Subscription Business

In an effort to help you prevent the next "disruptor" from wreaking havoc on your bottom-line, Insider Editor-at-Large Minal Bopaiah offers a list of seven soon-to-be-prevalent innovations that you should get ready for. Not all of them may apply to your subscription business, but we're willing to bet at least one will cause you a headache, no matter how big or small a publisher you are -- unless you take steps to prepare!

Nonprofit News Site Texas Tribune Finds Stability with a Mixed Membership and Subscription Model

The rumor mill says local newspaper are dying, but The Texas Tribune is demonstrating how digital-native local news can flourish, even with a nonprofit model. Publisher Tim Griggs spoke with us about the site's multiple revenue streams, including subscriptions and memberships, and how the site is bringing general political news to a niche market. This is a great Case Study for anyone interested in using both membership and subscriptions (and yes, they're different) to boost their bottom line, or looking for a business model to support mission-oriented content. Finally, get tips on paywall optimization, the effective use of crowd-funding, and why social media does matter (even if it won't make you a dime).

How to Use Subscriber Data to Boost Advertising Sales

News and information sites account for less than 10% of Web traffic, so if you're looking to make a volume play with your advertising sales, you're likely to lose. But that doesn't mean that subscription and advertising sales are mutually exclusive. Find out in this 30-minute Webinar with Jon Slade, the Commercial Director at the Financial Times, how subscriber data can allow you to provide a more targeted audience to your advertisers and how to provide better reports to your advertisers so that they keep coming back. Plus, get a downloadable copy of the slide deck with lots of helpful charts!

How Euromoney Institutional Investor Uses Marketing Automation to Separate Signal from Noise in Lead Generation

For big sites like Euromoney Institutional Investor, site traffic is not a problem; getting qualified leads from all their traffic is. In this Case Study, Ben Eva, Global Head of Conversion Management, spoke to us about how Euromoney is testing marketing automation technology and tactics on five of the company's 100 brands. Discover how you can use this technology to score leads and hand off more qualified prospects to your sales team.

CellarTracker Converts 8% of Registered Users to 'Pay-What-You-Want' Memberships

CellarTracker offers wine enthusiasts an online database to store, track and update their tasting notes and maintain an inventory of home wine cellars. In this exclusive Case Study, Founder Eric LeVine talks to us about how this B2C site in generating 7-figure revenues with a freemium model and "pay what you want" subscription program. Find out how the site gets 40,000 -- 50,000 unique visits a day, and is converting 8% of its user base into paying subscribers. Plus, discover the one tool CellarTracker is using to prevent site scraping.

Bonitasoft Grows SaaS Subscription Revenue by 82% with Membership Model

As software companies adopt subscription models, they offer important lessons for other subscription content sites. In 2013, Bonitasoft -- the makers of business process management (BPM) software -- saw an 82% increase in their subscription revenue through savvy marketing tactics. In this Case Study, lead and demand generation specialist Mac McConnell spoke with us about the company's freemium product, how a community discussion forum helps engage prospects and subscribers, and why B2B sales are best conducted with a mix of marketing automation and real-person support. Plus, discover how content syndication and "road shows" can boost your lead generation.

Best Practice: Create Your Own Link Shortener to Share Content

By Minal Bopaiah Most of us are familiar with free link shortening services, like and tinyURL. Link shorteners can be an easy way to condense URLs for social media and even email marketing. But is it rely on free services? In this week's Members-Only How-To, we outline 3 advantages to using link shorteners, as well as six potential problems. For those who are unfamiliar with link shorteners, or URL shorteners, they are a tech innovation that converts…

Pick the Best Link Shortener for Your Business -- 3 Advantages, 4 Vendor Reviews and Best Practices

Lengthy, keyword-rich URLs might work well to drive organic search traffic to your subscription site and associated blog, but they're absolutely terrible for email and social media platforms like Twitter. So, for those purposes, most publishers use link shorteners. In this How-To, we explore three advantages to using link shorteners, six potential problems, offer best practice recommendations, including a 5-minute fix, and review four popular vendors.

NYT Now's Brilliant UX Design Optimizes for Mobile App Conversions

By Minal Bopaiah In case you didn't hear (really, you didn't?), The New York Times launched two new subscription packages, NYT Now and Times Premier. We've already covered the pricing and strategy for these two plans, but this weekend I got to download and play around with the NYT Now app, evaluating its conversion points on mobile. A few great marketing tactics on the app: Asking for permission to send push notifications. Push notifications are a great way to…