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Subscription Banking: Is the Revolution at Hand?

The banking industry is in the very early stages of exploring subscription offerings. However, there are both start-up firms and huge players making moves into this space. Odds are that the future successful offerings will cater to younger demographics, on fully mobile platforms, offering a wide range of substantial added value to make the subscription price compelling compared to current common free checking plans.

Models For Success: Three Key Trends in the Subscription Box Industry

Interest in subscription boxes online is flattening, and the most recent data shows that traffic to subscription box sites is way down. There is still a lot of money in the industry, and a plateau is not a bubble, but a shakeout is coming. These three trends point to strategies that smart companies will use to survive.

Subscription Slugathon: The Coming Shake-out In Online Gaming

More gamers are playing -- and paying -- for video games than ever. Gaming has even surpassed paid TV among millennials. In this golden age of gaming, the offerings are vast and many companies are trying out payment plans and options, especially subscription. The winning business model has yet to be determined.

The Key To SaaS Success: Lock In Your Subscribers

The most successful subscription companies -- like Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft -- not only offer customers compelling reasons to remain subscribers, but they also make those subscribers happy to be locked in.

New Customer Marketing: Always Be Converting

Although 69% of marketers say that conversions are their top priority, the fact is that a typical good conversion rate only hovers around 3%. That means putting a lot of work into making those conversions. Here are some ideas for getting it right.

Wholesale Membership Clubs: Retail Success Through Subscription

Three established companies in this category -- Costco, Sam’s Club, and BJ’s -- sell more than $160 billion in economy-size goods while regularly dominating the customer satisfaction rankings. How do they do that? With recurring revenue from loyal subscribers who are also devoted fans.

Unboxing Videos: Viral Social Marketing That’s Perfectly Designed For Subscription Box Services

In the wider universe of “influencer marketing,” video bloggers who share the experience of opening a subscription box are offering those services a powerful publicity assist. More than half of Americans have seen at least one vlogger video ever, and 30% watch at least one a week. In another survey, 32% of Americans say they depend on video sites such as YouTube to find out about new products. With the huge popularity of influencers who are using video to “unbox” products, that’s an amazing opportunity for companies that sell boxes by subscription.