Melanie Stout serves as VP of Client Success at Paul Larsen Consulting LLC, and works with card-not-present, recurring revenue merchants to increase the lifetime value of their customers. Melanie and Paul have a long history, having worked together initially at Synapse Group almost 20 years ago, blazing the trail for continuous service magazine subscriptions. After Synapse Group, Melanie successfully built and launched the first direct-to-consumer recurring revenue stream as Director of Marketing at Prior to PLC, Melanie was the Vice President of Marketing and Communications for a SaaS-based healthcare IT company. With PLC, she has combined her knowledge of the subscription economy with B2C, B2B and B2P marketing, and has helped companies of all sizes optimize their payments and increase lifetime value of their consumers.



Subscription Payment Trends Impacting Your Bottom Line in 2019

Learn subscription-specific payment trends that will eat into your profitability in 2019. The team at PLC, leading experts in "card-not-present recurring payments", will outline the key trends your business will need to stay on top of and the strategies you will need to implement in order to minimize their impact.

What you will learn:

Subscription payment trend data and impact on your profits from 2018.

Understand how those trends translate moving forward in 2019.

Tactics and best-practices subscription your business should employ to mitigate the negative impact on your profitability from these trends.

Understand the New World of Subscription Chargebacks and Claims Resolution

How do you minimize the financial impact of subscriber complaints, refund requests, and chargebacks while keeping your subscribers happy? In this briefing, we will answer that question and also explore:

What is Friendly Fraud?

How Do Chargebacks Impact Your Subscription Business?

What Is Best Practice For Managing?

What are the New Rules for Managing?

With a recurring revenue business (especially with card-not-present transactions for monthly and annual subscriptions) getting complaints, refund requests, and chargeback is part of what you need to manage.

Payments and Profitability: Subscription Payment Trends Impacting Your Bottom Line

If you operate a subscription or membership business – regardless of subscription vertical, industry, consumer focus, or transaction volume – your revenue is impacted by payment trends and market dynamics happening right now. This on-demand online seminar will help you understand payment trends that will impact your business in 2018. it will also walk through the tactics and best-practices subscription merchants should employ to mitigate the negative impact on your profitability from these trends.

How to Stay on Top of Your Retention Game

At the heart of all recurring-revenue businesses, is the hard work of successfully processing the auto-renew and recurring payments. "Churn" and especially, "Involuntary Churn" are your worst enemy.

The challenge is so many companies “set it and forget it” when it comes to payment and retention strategies, processes and tactics. What worked yesterday, does not mean it will work today.

This session features a case study with Jay Mathews of Oath, Inc. who has been at the forefront of payments and retention for decades. We will explore and learn how Oath continuously transforms its payments and retention operations to stay on top of the latest market trends and tools to maximize their payment and retention success.

CASE STUDY: The Changing Face of Fraud

Fraud and chargebacks are often not discussed as it relates to recurring revenue, but it's a critical issue to understand and manage. In this session, we will explore how to manage fraud (both real and "friendly") as well as chargebacks. We will share the data, tactics, and strategies they are using to manage friendly and real fraud. Online fraud in 2017 is on the rise and this is an issue on which merchants need to be keenly focused.