Kim is CEO of Subscription Systems LLC, consulting with companies who wish to build or scale their business centered around the Recurring Revenue business model. This includes advisory, strategy and technology expertise regarding order capture, order management, and fulfillment systems that optimize their revenue and profitability. 

With 30 years of IT experience, he has held IT leadership positions at direct to consumer companies such as Jafra Cosmetics and Guthy-Renker, built complex SaaS application platforms at Everbridge and end to end order processing systems at OceanX. He has also founded two previous technology startups involved with data networking and cloud computing

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Why Architecture and Process Are Critical to Your Subscription Business

Improving subscription business back-end operational processes does not always mean that you have a platform replacement ahead. Business rules, daily procedures, product packaging or even the way subscription bundles are constructed can all be contributing to your revenue loss problems that have little to do with your actual technology. Kim Terry walks through how and why architecture and process can make all the difference in the world to the profitability of your subscription business.