With more than 20 years' experience in the credit card industry, John brings a strong expertise in a wide range of topics, particularly in data-driven, long-term strategic planning. John joined as a partner in 2008 and has been at the forefront of the robust analytical consulting services Paul Larsen Consulting offers its clients. Prior to joining Paul Larsen Consulting, John was an Executive Director for The Synapse Group, a marketing division of Time Inc., the nation's largest agency seller of continuous service subscription magazines, with annual revenues consistently topping $350MM, where he led the corporate Financial Planning and Analysis Division. While in that position, John was able to refine marketing strategies, provide detailed financial analysis / reporting and improve upon processing efficiencies that increased the company's revenues by upwards of 20 percent. He managed a diverse project portfolio, including marketing analysis, managed fulfillment service models, and customer care satisfaction.

Email: jsullivan@paullarsenconsulting.com
Website: Paullarsenconsulting.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/john-sullivan-11a3738/


Subscription Payment Trends Impacting Your Bottom Line in 2019

Learn subscription-specific payment trends that will eat into your profitability in 2019. The team at PLC, leading experts in "card-not-present recurring payments", will outline the key trends your business will need to stay on top of and the strategies you will need to implement in order to minimize their impact.

What you will learn:

Subscription payment trend data and impact on your profits from 2018.

Understand how those trends translate moving forward in 2019.

Tactics and best-practices subscription your business should employ to mitigate the negative impact on your profitability from these trends.

Payments and Profitability: Subscription Payment Trends Impacting Your Bottom Line

If you operate a subscription or membership business – regardless of subscription vertical, industry, consumer focus, or transaction volume – your revenue is impacted by payment trends and market dynamics happening right now. This on-demand online seminar will help you understand payment trends that will impact your business in 2018. it will also walk through the tactics and best-practices subscription merchants should employ to mitigate the negative impact on your profitability from these trends.

How to Manage Your Payments Data

In this session, we will discuss what data subscription and membership companies need and why.

We will all explore how to get at critical data that, if stored, make it a lot easier to produce actionable reports and/or build custom recycling logic.

What data?

- Data such as Attempt #

- Original Bill Date

- Number of days since original bill date

- Expiry date on file

- Expiry date sent in a transaction

- Card type (as in credit/debit/prepaid)

- BIN number

- Presenter ID

- Invoice #

- And, other data points all support successful payments

This will be a roll the sleeves up session - come armed with questions!

Recurring-Revenue Merchant Panel: How We Leverage Data

In this "reaction panel" to John Sullivan's "How to Manage Your Payments Data" session, leading B2B and B2C merchants will discuss what they agree with, what they don't and explain how they manage, track and use payments data in their organization.

MASTER CLASS: Recurring Payment Essentials

Like many subscription companies, you've probably seen an increase in credit and debit card declines, processing costs, and online fraud. These are just a few of the trends we've identified that are having a significant impact on your subscription business.

John Sullivan will provide an overview of the unique world of recurring payments required of subscription, membership and other recurring-revenue businesses in 2017 and present the latest payment data specific to recurring revenue businesses and review the latest payment processing trends impacting subscription businesses, and outline the key tactics and strategies to leverage and better manage your payment processing operations to avoid revenue loss.

Attendees will learn about the issues, tools, vendors and processes that recurring merchants need to stay up-to-speed on. John will contrast a best-practice recurring payment with non-optimal set-ups he has seen, highlighting the financial impact and helping attendees understand opportunities for improvement in their own businesses.

CASE STUDY: How to Build a Global Payments Strategy

“Going Global” sounds easy, right? Not so fast. In this session, we will explore how to establish, manage and avoid the pitfalls of global payments. What steps do you need to build a global payment strategy? What key decisions will you need to make? Is establishing a localized payment strategy better than accepting global payments from the US? What unique tools and tactics does a global payment strategy require? What are the biggest mistakes recurring brands make when going global? How do you maximize payment rates globally?