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Trial Offers: Four Questions to Consider Before You Offer Them

Offering a subscription trial is often the most debated and discussed topic for subscription businesses. No matter how much experience your team has, the best course of action is to begin with a well-informed plan based on your answers to the questions here.

The Subscription Churn Primer: How to Maintain a Healthy Renewal Rate

If you're spending a large amount of time and money to acquire new customers, do renewals really matter? They do, and it's a matter of your profitability. Thatís because thereís a good chance that you're spending quite a bit of money to acquire every new subscriber. In general, the average subscription business pays about what the first term of service would be in order to acquire that new subscriber. The baseline cost for a renewed subscriber, on the other hand, is just the cost of credit card processing. Renewed accounts are as close to pure profitability as you can get, so it will positively affect your subscription business to have as many renewed accounts as possible. Here are some tried-and-true tips to help you maintain a healthy level of renewals, and limit your subscriber churn.

ABC Mouse's Enthusiasm for Email Promotional Offers

ABC Mouse Early Learning Academy is an award-winning, subscription-based site/mobile app that uses email promotions to acquire subscribers. In this Sample, we walk through their promotional email campaign and offers. Are they sending too many promotions? Are they effective? You be the judge.

Sports-Themed Subscription Offer Pages

You may not be a sports fan, per se, but everyone plays games, whether it's chess, checkers or Thursday nights down at the local bridge club. We took a look at three sports-themed businesses offering subscriptions to see how well (or not) they are converting visitors into subscribers.

Creating Compelling Video Testimonials That Convert Visitors to Subscribers

Video testimonials of satisfied subscribers or members on your site are effective in raising conversion rates and improving account lifetime value. While anyone can write up a fake customer testimonial and post it to their site, due to the "in-the-moment" nature of video testimonials, there is an extra layer of authenticity that will help to convince potential subscribers that your product or service is of value.

Subscription Price Optimization: Six Tactics to Get It Right

One of your more difficult tasks as a subscription business owner is optimizing your price so you can realize the maximum life time value and profitability. Finding the pricing that works best for your business requires a consideration of many factors, including price testing, site design and sale pricing. In this best practice article we walk through six tactics to get your testing started on the right track.

Six Concepts for Pricing Subscription Products

Launching a subscription business isn't easy. Pricing your subscription business is another beast altogether. In this article, we explore the six concepts you'll need to understand to be able to set a price for your subscription product or service that will provide you with the most sales and profits as is possible.